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Apptex App is a framework that provides you with pre-built components required to make your sites look fancy with minimum configuration. with 14 common templates you can use them to change style for sharepoint OOTB views 
Beta version is the initial release of Apptex, and It contains minimal features as we want to get feedback from the community so more features will be added soon, and existing features will be enhanced in upcoming releases. Feel free to contact us on our Codeplex page and provide us with your comments, issues, suggestions for upcoming features.
Apptex is tested on SharePoint Online (Office 365). In upcoming releases we'll make it supported on other SharePoint editions.
If you want to have more control over the styling of your template, such as changing the Next and Previous buttons in a slider, or playing with CSS styles, you can always do so by going to the Apptexfiles Library on your host web where the App's files were copied when you first deployed the App. You will find two folders inside the Apptexfiles Library.